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Thermal Sentinel - When Temperature Matters

AI Capabilities

Face Recognition

Instant Crowd Measurement

Non-Contact & Fast

App & Visitor Pass Solution

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Develop, Design with German Made Technology & Integrated in Singapore

Main Features

Designed for easy and simple operation


Crowd Detection System

Effectively Identify passengers with fever(adjustable threshold) from a crowd with speed.


Discreetly Isolate Suspected Individual

For secondary screening to confirm an entry or rejected entry, reducing stoppage and gives a smooth flow of traffic.


Instantly Identify with Alert Signal When Triggers

Our system is designed for minimal but yet effective, signaling the operational personnel when in need to react.


Snapshot function of thermal image

Capture automatically(or manually) when individual's temperature reach and/or goes above the input threshold.

5 Thermal Sentinel Deployed To The Government of Bangladesh

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Additional OR Separately Sold Solution

Visitors Entry Pass And Identity Logging Solutions

Contagious viruses are known to be easily spread between individuals, easily contact trace with our added solution. Access to our support to retrieve the contact for individuals that are deemed/suspected to be an individual with virus by higher authority.

- Data Security Protection (Military Grade - ECC 256Bit Encription)

- Functional App for Tablet (Tablet & Stand Holder Included With This Solution)

- Personal Corporate/Building/Estate Website For Unique One-Time Pass QR Code Generation

- Fully managed Server Hosting (Cloud - For Both Website & APP)

- After-sales Support for Contact Tracing


Design, Develop with German Made Technology & Integrated in Singapore

Thermal Sentinel 4000

When a non-contact thermal camera detects an individual with high or abnormal temperatures, it will be captured on the screen. An alert will be triggered discreetly to notify the authority and bring the potential suspect for further medical examination.

The Thermal Sentinel 4000 can be deploy, re-located and set up in minimum time for public gathering areas, malls, airports, hospitals, etc.


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